The New Year: Traditionally Great for Accounting Job Seekers

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on Dec 30, 2013. Posted inBlogging In Balance

If you are an accounting professional and considering looking for a new position, or perhaps you have been looking for something new for a few months, now is the time to refresh your search.  While it is always a little difficult to predict exactly what will happen in the job market, the first quarter of the year is 2014 new year fireworkstraditionally a busy time for hiring in the accounting field, starting from the second week in January all the way into the second quarter.

There are a few different reasons for this – some specific to the accounting field and some that are just related to business in general:

  1. The holidays are over.  First of all, people in general become more focused on the new year ahead in January.  What do they want to accomplish in the new year in their companies?  What resources will be needed?  Does that include any additions or changes in staff?  This forward looking attitude is a driver for hiring.
  2. New budgets.  With the planning for the new year typically comes a new year chart going upbudget as well.  While department supervisors may have been limited by their last year’s budget, they may have planned for additional staff in their new year budget.  Since the budget is done in latter half of the previous year, this represents a type of pent-up demand.  Now the new year has started, and now they can get moving on their hiring plans!
  3. Accounting cycles.  In addition to the obvious additional workload that comes with tax season, there are also the additional efforts that are required by year-end processing and preparation for the annual audit at some companies.  All of these activities can stretch an accounting department very thin, thereby causing them to review their staffing levels and consider additions.

Each one of these situations that come with the new year make it a great time to give your job search a fresh start.  While things may slow down around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, January generally brings with it a plethora of new opportunities and movement in the job market that may not have been seen for months.

I wish you the best in your search.