I Lost My Dream Job in the Parking Lot!

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on Dec 12, 2013. Posted inBlogging In Balance

Not long ago I walked out of our office 15 minutes prior to a scheduled interview and as soon as I opened our office door, I noticed someone right outside our office on their mobile phone. They were engaged in a rather lively conversation and seemed to be getting upset. I went downstairs to get the mail and came back up to the office. The person was gone. A few minutes later our assistant came in and told me the interviewee was here, and low and behold… guess who it was!

This situation caused me to think about all those awkward moments that can happen immediately before an interview, and how they can be avoided. Below is a list of awkward encounters that I hope you will work to avoid when you are in route to your next interview:

  • Drive nicely. I have heard many stories of candidates arriving at the company’s building at the same time as the person they are interviewing with. We live in a busy society, so it is not improbable that they could be running late from a meeting and end up coming into contact with you in the parking lot or on the road close to the building. You don’t want to interview with someone you just stole a parking space from, or worse. Drive nicely.
  • elevatorElevators. You also don’t want to be interviewing with someone for whom you just decided not to hold the elevator as they were rushing to get to your interview. No matter how rushed or nervous you may be, practice this common courtesy. It will pay off.
  • Hallways and other areas. Basically if you need
    headslapto have any conversation on your mobile phone, it is best to do this in the car prior to entering the building. It will minimize the chances of the interviewer coming into contact with you prior to the interview, and prior to you having your ‘game face’ on. First impressions are highly important, so you want to have as much control over that impression as possible.

While this list may seem minor, the reality is that people hire people they are comfortable with. If you can avoid some of these possibly embarrassing first encounters, it will make the interview process that much more comfortable for both parties.

I wish you the best in your search.