For Employers: Improving Hiring Results Through Communication

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on Jun 21, 2014. Posted inBlogging In Balance

For job seekers one of the most frustrating things is not knowing what to expect and having no control over the process.  This is 100 times worse for people that are using toAccountant on phone being in-charge and being able to drive a process forward such as managers and executives.  One thing employers can do that will benefit their candidates, and therefore themselves, is to communicate what the interview process will be like to the interviewees.

By letting applicants know what the process is, how long it will take, and who will be involved, you help them to feel more informed.  When job candidates don’t know what steps to expect and when to expect them, nerves and frustration can set in.  Also, and perhaps more importantly to you, you can lose a good candidate because they didn’t know where they were in the process and so they choose to pursue another opportunity.

If at all possible communicate the following with your prospective candidates:

  • What the interview steps are,
  • How much time will pass between steps, or at least when they can expect to be notified of the next step,
  • Where they are in the process along the way, and
  • How you are feeling about them as a candidate so far

The last point can be a difficult one for some people.  However, if you see a weakness in a candidate and are comfortable sharing that weakness with them, you at least remove the possibility of any miscommunication.  If for some reason you weren’t aware of some of their qualifications, this gives you the opportunity to correct that thereby benefiting you both.  It can be a hard conversation to have, but it usually is fruitful.

Until next time, I wish you the best in all your hiring efforts.

Mark Goldman CPA