1. Do you handle temporary or permanent positions?

    We handle permanent, temporary, and temporary-to-permanent (or temp-to-hire) positions. Since we are constantly combing the marketplace for highly qualified candidates, sometimes well-qualified professionals that are simply between jobs are referred to us by other candidates. We work with these professionals to handle projects for our client employers while we search for the right permanent opportunity for them. These types of referrals give us a strong database of well-qualified permanent and project professionals.

  2. What makes MGR different from the other recruiting or staffing companies in the marketplace?

    Basically… we listen.
    You will find us different from other services in that we invest time on the front-end to ensure that we truly understand what you are looking for in a new employee or project person. The most frequent comment we get from client employers after a search has been completed is that they felt that we really had an in-depth understanding of what they were looking for, and that it was this understanding that made all the difference.

    Try us out and let us show you how a truly professional, efficient, and effective recruiting firm operates.

  3. What if we hire someone through your firm and it doesn’t work out?

    While this situation is truly rare with us, it obviously occurs with any staffing firm that handles any volume to speak of. We feel that the true integrity of a staffing firm can be seen in how it handles these types of situations. You will find that we have the most customizable, liberal, and solid guarantees in the industry. It is so rare that we have an issue in this area that we choose to take a very open and honest approach to the guarantees on our placements. If something goes wrong, simply put, we fix it.

Job Seekers

  1. Do you charge me as the job seeker to find me a job?

    No, our services are paid for by our client employers.

  2. How quickly will you find me a new job?

    It is difficult to determine how quickly an appropriate opportunity will be available that matches a specific background. It depends on many factors such as the economic conditions at the time, the specific geographical marketplace and demand for certain skills in that area, the job seekers parameters such as salary needed, commute distance, type of job desired, etc.

    However, we do promise to have an open and honest discussion with you about the market at the time of your search, and most importantly to be responsive to you. At MGR, every message that is received via telephone voicemail or email is returned. Period.

  3. How can I make sure you won’t jeopardize my current employment while you are searching for a new position for me? In other words, how do I know you will keep my job search confidential?

    Confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance to us when assisting a job seeker. We will never send your resume to a potential employer without discussing the position with you first, unless you specifically have given us permission to do so and you are unemployed at that time. We obviously cannot control who knows who, but we are very cautious about how we approach potential employers when the job candidate is employed, and in all our placement history we have had absolutely no cases of that confidentiality being breached.