Entry-level Accountants: A Message from the Ranks of the Successful

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on Mar 29, 2014. Posted inBlogging In Balance

Not long ago I had the opportunity to emcee an event for soon-to-be accounting graduates that would be entering the workforce.  I basically played the part of host, and we had a Graduatesvariety of accounting professionals from around the city that had achieved high levels of success in their careers share some of their wisdom with the students.

There was one overriding theme that seemed to run through each of the presentations:  Always do what you say you will, and help out where ever you can.

In a time where there are frequent conversations about the retirement of ‘baby boomers’ and the introduction of the ‘millennial’ generation into the workforce, I find that this message holds much wisdom.  Many of the conversations around these generational differences circle around the perception by the older professionals that the younger professionals don’t possess the same work ethic.  For this reason, it appears then that one of the prime ways to get ahead in a business world that perceives the work ethic to be declining, is to follow exactly that advice:  Always do what you say you will, and help out where ever you can.

I write this blog entry for the purpose of helping out those entry-level candidates that are looking for their first job in their new profession.  Success in your career is truly not that complicated.  Employers and customers still expect the same thing that they have for decades – just do what you promise, and try to help others.

Until next time, I wish you the best in your career.