Employers: With Candidates, No News is Bad News

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on Mar 7, 2015. Posted inBlogging In Balance

As the job market in San Antonio is continuing to get better and better for accounting MGR Accounting Recruiters - Candidate updatescandidates, I thought it would be beneficial to pass along some insight for employers that are trying to ensure they are able to hire their first-choice candidates for key positions.

The market in San Antonio has once again hit the point where some candidates are receiving multiple job offers in close proximity.  This means that an employer that delays their process and doesn’t communicate the reason for the delay with the candidate can lose them to a faster-moving employer.

While it is certainly understandable that you may tell a candidate you will make a decision and get back with them by the end of the week, and it becomes Monday or Tuesday the following week instead due to unforeseen circumstances, on the candidate side they start to assume there must not be an interest if they don’t hear back by the day that was promised.  Being in the recruiting industry, we understand that there are other duties that must be accomplished in addition to hiring, and therefore sometimes it is impossible to make such a deadline even though it was self-imposed and the employer had the best intentions of meeting it.  However, in the mind of the job candidate the clock is ticking and if they don’t hear back when they were told they would hear something, they start to assume the worst.  In fact, many start to assume it won’t be good news a day before!

The point of this post is that as an employer it’s a best practice to give yourself enough time when creating a self-imposed deadline, and then make sure you communicate with the candidates in cases where there may be a delay.  Otherwise, they frequently think that someone else was picked and move on to their other options, thereby forcing you into a position of settling for a candidate that may not have been equally qualified, or even having to start the search process all over again.  A little advance planning along with updates to the candidates can save you much time and effort in the long run.

Until next time, I wish you the best in all your searches.

Mark Goldman CPA