Employers: One of the Most Common Items Job Seekers Are Searching For

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on Mar 22, 2014. Posted inBlogging In Balance

One of the most common items we hear from job seekers when conducting an interview is that they are looking for “room to grow”.  As I was summarizing my notes from a job seeker earlier this week that was also in this category, it caused me to think of it from the other side:  What does this mean for employers?

As an employer, there are steps you can take to help ensure your employees feel that they have the growth opportunities they need to feel satisfied with their position:

  • Training.  Whether it qualifies them for a new position, makes them better at training class on computer their current duties, or simply is used as a tool to improve the company as a whole, employees feel better about their job if they feel they have the opportunity to learn something new on occasion.  The training doesn’t necessarily have to be something that qualifies them for a new role;  it can simply be something that challenges them to think outside of their daily duties such as a class on communication or leadership.  Employees that are trained generally feel valued.
  • Promotion from within.  This isn’t always possible of course… if there are no positions available, then there are no positions available.  However, if it is possible to look to your existing team when filling a higher level role, it can go a long way to show that there is opportunity for advancement to the entire staff.  Having internal success stories is a large part of an effective recruiting and retention program.
  • Communication.  Really everything starts with communication.  The more you communicate with your employees about their desires for their careers as well as Megaphonethe vision for the direction of the company, the more your employees will feel that there is room for growth where they are.  If they understand where the company is headed, then they can better choose what to educate themselves on and the cream can rise to the top so-to-speak.  Also, an ongoing open dialogue with your employees lets you know if they are feeling a lack of growth and if that is bothering them.  Although I started the article by saying “room for growth” is a common reason people look for a job, it doesn’t mean that everyone wants to move up.  It simply means that people that are considering leaving an employer are frequently seeking growth opportunity.

In summary, if you are looking to increase your retention rate, make sure you are addressing this basic human need – the need to feel that we are progressing.  If  you can do this, many of your staffing issues may cease to exist.

I wish you the best in all your searches.