Employers: Offer Letters Should Be Flawless

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on Aug 30, 2014. Posted inBlogging In Balance

Not long ago we were finalizing a search and received the offer letter for the candidate.  It was several pages of details as many are, but there were a few details that were different than what we and the prospective new employee had been told.

This story has a happy ending though.  Fortunately we were working with a candidate that was not easily alarmed, and they simply asked for clarification.  As it turns out it involved a simple misunderstanding and a clerical error.  Everything was OK.  However, it did bring to mind a wonderful topic for this blog entry. 🙂

Changing jobs is an emotional time for most people, particularly when they are Offer letter decisions - MGR Accounting Recruitersreaching what they consider to be the point of no return – where they commit to start with the new employer and resign their current job.  It is a very delicate time in the hiring process.  If something goes wrong, you as the employer end up having invested a lot of time and resources only to end up empty-handed.  This is why it is important for the offer letter to be flawless in its statement of everything that has been promised up to that point.

In cases where a candidate is being pressured to stay with their current employer, anything that causes them to question their understanding of the situation with the new employer is dangerous.  It can cause them to become unsure of the new opportunity and to just stick with what they know – their current employer.

The next time you are preparing an offer letter or are having one prepared, take the time magnifying glass - MGR Accounting Recruitersto review it through the eyes of the potential new employee.  Ask yourself:   Is there anything that seems unclear?  What would a new employee potentially have questions about?

Make the offer letter as clear and succinct as possible.  It makes the decision that much easier for your new prospective employee – which in turn makes your life easier as well.

I wish you the best in all your searches.

Mark Goldman  CPA