Employers: Friday Job Offers Welcome!

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on Feb 8, 2014. Posted inBlogging In Balance

Recently we were waiting on a job offer from an employer and it was early Friday afternoon.  The candidate was trying to control their anxiousness, but they had already called a few times to see if we had heard anything.  We were already starting to prepare them for the likelihood that we would not know anything until the following week.  Then at about 3pm the employer called.  The hiring manager had been home sick, but they called us anyway so that they could extend the job offer to the candidate before the weekend.  The candidate was delighted.  What a nice thing to do!

This brings me to the topic for this blog…

Employers… this may sound trivial, but if you are able to finalize an offer prior to a weekend, the candidates always appreciate it.  Sometimes it Happy applicant facecan be easier to put off making a job offer until the next week because of all the busy-ness of our other duties, but if at all possible don’t make them wait over the weekend. If you are able to get the job offer in their hands on Friday instead of on Monday or Tuesday, you save them over 2 days of uncertainty and frustration.

Outside of simply doing a good deed, there is another more practical reason to do this:  you are less likely to lose the person!  Sometimes candidates that haven’t heard help wanted signanything prior to a weekend will decide to continue looking for jobs over the weekend.  While they likely won’t have actual interviews, they certainly may find other opportunities that they are interested in or even be lucky enough to schedule some interviews via email.  By making the offer on Friday, you are looking out for your best interests as well!

The next time you are finalizing a hiring decision and the day seems to be flying by, try to get the job offer in the prospect’s hands before the weekend.  It’s a nice thing to do, and it could make the difference between solidifying the deal and having to start all over.

I wish you the best in all your searches.