Certifications: Do it now because it only gets harder

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on Apr 18, 2014. Posted inBlogging In Balance

Having interviewed thousands of accounting professionals, one of the themes I have noticed over the years is that the longer people wait to pursue a certification exam (CPA, Study group - MGR Accounting RecruitersCIA, CMA, etc), the harder it gets and the less likely they will be able to complete it.  It’s very frequent for our team to be interviewing a candidate that is not certified, only to find out that at one point they wanted to get a certification but decided to put it off for some reason.  Sometimes it’s family obligations, and sometimes it’s their work schedule – both very valid reasons of course.  Other times it is a variety of other reasons that life can become very busy and it is difficult to fit in anything else, particularly something as daunting as studying for and passing such a comprehensive exam.

I write this blog entry as a form of encouragement to anyone that is thinking about Time runs out - MGR Accounting Recruiterspursuing a certification early in their career but is considering whether or not they are too busy.  If at all possible, do it NOW!  If you can squeeze out time from other activities and in some way buckle down and prepare, it is definitely the best thing to do.  It won’t be easy and it won’t be comfortable, but the longer you wait the less likely you will be to ever get your certification.  It is rare that we come across anyone that has passed a certification exam later in life.  It isn’t impossible, it’s just very difficult.  The further you get into your career, the less likely you will be able to dedicate the time you need to study and prepare adequately.  So do it now if at all possible… before it’s too late.

I wish you the best in your pursuit of a certification, and in your career.