A Career Built On Giving – Literally

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on Dec 24, 2015. Posted inBlogging In Balance

Recently I was attending a continuing education event for CPAs where I became engaged in a conversation between classes with one of the attending CPAs. He is nearing Giving - MGR Accounting Recruitersretirement, and we were discussing different aspects of his career.  I was curious how he had ended up at his current employer because it had been an excellent move for him.  He had joined them about 20 years ago, and it obviously had worked out well.

To my surprise, he had initially started out working for the company as a volunteer by offering his services for free to the entrepreneur.  He had seen an advertisement by the company for a CPA, but it sounded like a part-time job.  He contacted the owner simply because it sounded interesting, not actually looking to change employers.  As he suspected, the employer was a smaller organization and definitely was not in a position to afford a full-time CFO.  However, he spent some time in conversation with the owner and was intrigued by their business and the issues they needed assistance with.  He decided to offer his services pro-bono as a consultant just to help them get through some of the immediate challenges.

As he worked with the owner and extended family, he grew to admire the business they had built and became closer to them as he helped them through their financial decisions. Eventually he agreed to accept part-time compensation because they insisted on it.  However, the position remained part-time and he continued his other full-time employment.

It’s obvious from the direction of the story that the company grew enough to need a full-time CFO eventually, and he joined the company full-time in the 1990’s. He’s continued to serve in this capacity, while helping them to grow their internal financial and administrative staff, as well as becoming involved in the operations of the company over the years.  What started as a simple offer to help a family business in need, with no expectation of being compensated, turned into becoming a trusted advisor in a family business and an excellent full-time CFO position.  From my experience interviewing thousands of professionals over the years, I can tell you that many people look for the proverbial “job they will retire from.”  This particular CPA found it through volunteering their time to a small business in need.

I share this story during the holidays, a season of giving, to remind us all the good that can come from helping our neighbor. You never know how the story may turn out.

Merry Christmas!

Mark Goldman CPA