5 Tips To Standing Out In The Job Market

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on Nov 7, 2017. Posted inBlogging In Balance

It is important in any market to stand out from the competition.  These five tips will help you to be memorable and stand out to employers in today’s job market:

  1. Be cheerful at all times.  If you are looking for a job, always answer the phone and emails with a positive frame of mind.  First impressions are everything because they control whether you will get the chance to make a second impression.  Answering the phone in a less-than-enthusiastic tone can kill the deal.  Employers are looking for team members with not only ‘energy’, but positive energy.
  2. Don’t sound surprised, or like you don’t remember applying when the employer calls you to schedule an interview.  You likely have answered hundreds of ads, but act like you remember this particular ad, at least vaguely.  Asking questions about the position is fine, but don’t sound unsure about whether or not you even applied.  It makes you look disinterested, and employers don’t hire disinterested people.
  3. Research the company.  This seems like common sense but not everyone does it.  The interviewer will be impressed that you cared enough to prepare and you will be remembered.  Don’t go overboard quoting facts from a company website; a few comments appropriately placed in the conversation is plenty to leave a positive impression.
  4. Customize your resume for each job if at all possible.  Don’t be misleading or make false statements, but rather emphasize the experience you have that relates to the job.  Most employers will only scan your resume for 10 seconds or so during the first screening, so you are more likely to stay in the stack if they don’t have to search the fine print of your resume to find your related experience.  You will actually be doing them a service by making it easier to notice.
  5. Written thank you notes.  Yes, really.  Most people don’t follow-up at all, and the majority of the people that do follow-up do it via email.  Email is quick to be deleted and forgotten.  However, a mailed written thank you note makes a significant impression. It may linger on the decision-makers desk, it may get passed along to other decision-makers in the process, and it may even be kept with your resume throughout the entire hiring process.  It will have a longer shelf life.

With a little effort, you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

I wish you the best on your search!

Mark Goldman CPA